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Oh since when?
Tue Feb 21, 2017 10:11pm


Since when have any but the fundamentalists been demanding Christianity be taught or practiced in school. I went to kindergarten in 1950,and all through grade school through college, never saw any mention of religion,besides perhaps a school show at around before Christmas break,and perhaps a show of holiday music, or a small display put up in the High School library. That was it,no prayers,no reciting from the Bible. Religion is best left to parents and ministers in church. Mean while any child can do a prayer of any religion in school or read religious material on his own time in school. Schools often have religious clubs today for those so inclined. So why the need to force it down all children's throats, whether their parents approve or not, or try to convert kids at school from other religion, or no religion, which is still a problem in many parts of the country.

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