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Christopher Blackwell
Tue Feb 21, 2017 11:45pm


It mostly did in the past. Before the revolution, the was tar and feathering British officials by people protesting in the colonies against the stamp act, and looting and burning down their houses. Of course there was that famous tea party then the revolution that destroyed some rather expensive property. This was led by even some of the gentlemen of the time who already working to get England t over respond and help create more hatred of the King and his English merchants. Worked rather well

All through our history demonstrations continued some times for year and often interrupted business of the day. But sometimes it took violence to get ordinary people herd by their government.

Look at Black slaves leaving their owners,that was quite illegal and stealing their masters property. Then came the Fugitive Slave act that made it even illegal for White folk in the free states to help the escaping slaves.Blacks and Whites worked together creating the Underground Railroad and help free another 300,000 slaves to Canada. Definitely hurt the Plantation owners pocket book as his slaves were worth far more than his crop, animals, home and land.

Then we had the early cotton mills, the worker mostly women and children with a few men. Sometimes it was the women and children who led the strikes, stopping the mill business. This is very early in the 1800s,like 1820s. Speaking of strikes, don't forget the rent strikes, including of small farmers renting their of farms from larger landowners. This happened over and over. That affected some of my richer ancestors.

Speaking of disturbing business, should we mention the Civil War? damaged rather lot of businesses in the war zones. Then there were all kinds of riots and revolt of a great many groups,laborers,unions,poor people. Of course there were the great number of White folks going in and burning down neighborhoods of people different than themselves, be it some minority or religious differences of like the burning down of Nauvoo,Il.,_Illinois

Then the little matter of Women's rights, be it voting or controlling property or their bodies. There was a woman's protest march in Washington DC during the in 1913 inauguration of Woodrow Wilson. That also caused quite a commotion,and upset the people attending to no end. Police and crowds even attacked them.

By the way police attacking even kiling demonstrators including women and children is rather common through out our history, even times of the National Guard doing so, and the militia before that.

These things happened literally hundreds of thousands of times, sometime millions of times in our country's history. Just does not seem to show up in our school history books. If it did there would never be a bored student in a history class.

Often this was the only way to get the government's attention, the business owner's attention and the public's attention. This was reality for a great any ordinary people. Hold demonstration where it causes no problems and peacefully often means nothing ever happens or improves, sometimes it takes violence as well. But it is just as American as Apple pie, and often a necessity for continued survival of, anyone not in the middle class, or above, that is, the real majority of the population.

Amazing how often we don't say much about the majority of our population,as well as the various minorities as well. One might get the impression that only politicians, generals and and major business owners made all of history by themselves.

Democracy is when the Government is afraid of the Citizens. Tyranny is when the Citizens are afraid of the Government. Our Citizens may just beginning to waking up from their long stupor andreadytotake back their Government again.

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