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Without The Accompanying Teaching...
Wed Feb 22, 2017 11:35am (XFF: can make anything look difficult and complicated. As the video you posted points out, if you are trying to teach math, merely showing someone the example you offer in the first picture as "this is math" without any explanation would certainly not make ANY sense.

The key lies in the the fact that the kids are being taught to understand the relationships between numbers, and they are being taught to understand the processes that happen as operations.

I will tell you a secret. Those of us who excelled at math, who got straight A's and never had to work at it, we figured these things out for ourselves. We developed an intuitive grasp of these processes and relationships. Those who always struggled might have done better if they had had the benefit of Common Core, because Common Core helps the students learn those aspects of math.

So, to answer your question, YES, I am telling you that Common Core strategies are better than traditional strategies.


  • are BETTER than the standard methods? DFM
    • Without The Accompanying Teaching... — Amadeus, Wed Feb 22 11:35am
      • And the standardized test say that you are WRONG!!! The Standard The Common Core Standards were intended to define... more
        • It Is Too Early...Amadeus, Thu Feb 23 7:15am
          Look at the timeline from your article. It is simply too early to tell. Even IF you had a single class that had managed to get through from start to finish with Common Core, you'd have exactly that.... more
          • If anyone else says "it's too early to tell" ...Mondo Fuego™ , Fri Feb 24 10:02am
            ... you have a hissy fit. But when you are shown to be in error, you say "It is simply too early to tell". You are so damn predictable.
            • He Was Making His Call Based On One Year...Amadeus, Fri Feb 24 11:49am
              ...and assuming that the students in the program were in a Common Core program for their entire academic career. It is too early to tell. That determination has nothing to do with being shown to be... more
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