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The textbooks are bought dearly to set the standards, then t
Wed Feb 22, 2017 2:25pm

teachers are required to produce material for the curriculum. Then they have to produce lesson plans for the curriculum. They are not qualified. Give them books and let them teach.

  • Put out a minimum standard ...Mondo Fuego™ , Tue Feb 21 7:55pm
    ... and the overall results will be minimum. The Chancellor of Vanderbilt University once told me (on a plane trip to NYC): Excellence attracts excellence ... mediocrity breeds mediocrity. Your ideas ... more
    • The textbooks are bought dearly to set the standards, then t — jb, Wed Feb 22 2:25pm
    • The Action Of InactionAmadeus, Wed Feb 22 7:30am
      Not setting a minimum standard is, in effect, setting a minimum standard of 0. By your own logic, the overall results will then tend toward 0. A minimum standard is not the only component of a... more
      • That's all poppycock ...Mondo Fuego™ , Wed Feb 22 5:57pm
        ... we need to teach reading, creative writing, science, math, music, art and personal finance, and cut out all the other politically-correct bullshit. Cut out all the freak sideshows of anti-gun,... more
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