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Are you pretending to be stupid?
Wed Feb 22, 2017 4:45pm

Not mere claims by Joe Blow from Skid Row.

But from the PRIME MINISTER, the Chief of Police of Stockholm, and another high ranking police officer.

Announcements from governmental officials must be taken seriously.

THEY say that there is a conspiracy to under-report.

Or can't you read?


  • So There's A Swedish Conspiracy...Amadeus, Wed Feb 22 11:22am
    Damn those Swedes! You have claims that crime is under-reported. I have read recent claims that the world is flat, and not a globe at all (and I'm not even joking). By logical extension, this means... more
    • Are you pretending to be stupid? — DFM, Wed Feb 22 4:45pm
      • You Are Fascinating...Amadeus, Thu Feb 23 7:01am
        You're so dead set against anecdotal evidence when it runs counter to a position you hold, but when the shoe is on the other foot, you shed all your inhibitions and run, intellectually naked, into... more
      • HammerDeus does not "pretend".Mondo Fuego™ , Wed Feb 22 5:25pm
        He is oblivious to reality.
        • Amadeus claims that official figures show that crime rate in Sweden is low. I point out that, according to the Prime Minister, Chief of Police of Stockholm, and former deputy chief of the serious... more
          • Except...Amadeus, Thu Feb 23 7:06am
            ...that doesn't follow. #1 - I am not sure you understand what they mean by underreported. It isn't that the incidents were not investigated and were left out of the statistics. It seems to be an... more
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