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I Disagree With Your Interpretation...
Thu Feb 23, 2017 6:41am (XFF:

Rolling back these protections is simply Trump playing to his "deplorable" base.

The arguments on both sides of this issue have been laid out and examined. There simply hasn't been anything remotely approaching a good argument against these protections. This is a safety issue for transgendered students. While there have been many documented attacks on transgendered individuals forced to use the bathrooms of their birth gender, there have been no documented assaults where transgendered people have attacked people in the bathrooms of the gender they identify as. As far as psychological issues, imagine the impact of being forced to use the opposite gender's bathroom. Think of a boy forced to use the girls' restroom. Or a girl forced to use the boys'. The same impact would happen to a transgendered student forced to use the bathroom of their birth gender.

This wasn't an issue in society at large. People who were transgendered just used the bathrooms they felt comfortable in, and most folks are polite enough to not make an issue of it if they suspect that someone sharing their bathroom is transgendered. You're not in there for that purpose. Neither are they. The reason this became an issue for public schools is because a public school is a much smaller community. Anonymity isn't possible. So what is making people uncomfortable is having to look at the issue rather than just pretending the issue doesn't exist.

I believe that the physical and psychological health of the transgendered students should outweigh the discomfort of some with having to acknowledge reality - that transgendered individuals exist.


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