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It Is Too Early...
Thu Feb 23, 2017 7:15am (XFF:

Look at the timeline from your article. It is simply too early to tell. Even IF you had a single class that had managed to get through from start to finish with Common Core, you'd have exactly that. One class. Too early and not enough data.

Data, data, data.


  • And the standardized test say that you are WRONG!!! The Standard The Common Core Standards were intended to define... more
    • It Is Too Early... — Amadeus, Thu Feb 23 7:15am
      • If anyone else says "it's too early to tell" ...Mondo Fuego™ , Fri Feb 24 10:02am
        ... you have a hissy fit. But when you are shown to be in error, you say "It is simply too early to tell". You are so damn predictable.
        • He Was Making His Call Based On One Year...Amadeus, Fri Feb 24 11:49am
          ...and assuming that the students in the program were in a Common Core program for their entire academic career. It is too early to tell. That determination has nothing to do with being shown to be... more
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