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News Junkie
You'll still have to wait
Thu Feb 23, 2017 7:48pm

Even if we assume that these exoplanets are reflecting as much radiation as the Earth does, despite the dimmer illumination from their host star...

- it would take an 80-meter diameter telescope to see continent-sized distinctions in a tiny, blurry image, and...

- it would take the equivalent of 10,000 telescopes, each 1000-meters in diameter, to see 500-meter-sized features (perhaps small enough to identify something artificial, like farms or cities).

Don't hold your breath. Besides, the space agencies have already decided what they're going to be spending their money on for the next 20 years. There's no point getting involved unless you're stuck in the same philosophical rut they are.

  • No Need! They're Going To...Amadeus, Thu Feb 23 6:33pm
    ...turn the biggest telescopes on that system, and I wouldn't be surprised if SETI gives it another look, just to be sure. While it is too far away to motivate us to push our propulsion technology,... more
    • You'll still have to wait — News Junkie, Thu Feb 23 7:48pm
      • They Have Ways To...Amadeus, Fri Feb 24 11:18am
        ...determine atmospheric content, and we will see what we see. It will be the drive to see a little more that will push us. I am sure that there were people who doubted every step of the way as our... more
        • Anyone with imagination and a faint knowledge of astronomyMondo Fuego™ , Sat Feb 25 1:38am
          could visualize other solar systems similar to ours ... and perhaps contemplate life forms elsewhere in the universe. Nowhere is it written that we are the only ones. Getting to visit with them is a... more
        • My money is on planar arraysNews Junkie, Fri Feb 24 5:57pm
          This is a good start: Large Diffractive Telescope This is an attempt, not unlike Fresnel lenses, to flatten big heavy optics so they can make them larger, lighter and cheaper. It's not a bad attempt, ... more
      • Shhh! HammerDeus is ready to board a rocket ship...Mondo Fuego, Thu Feb 23 10:17pm
        ... To go see his relatives. He thinks there will be a lot of muzzies and LGBTQs there.
        • Alien mindsNews Junkie, Fri Feb 24 7:42am
          Even if there are aliens there, I doubt they would entertain any of Earth's 4000 religious fantasies.
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