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We're it just the pee wee.
Fri Feb 24, 2017 9:07am

One must consider the androgynous-producing UNNATURAL compounds discovered and turned into environmental disasters one after the other by esteemed corporations such as Dow, DuPont, you know the litany, right? Nuts a scientific fact that these gender-bending chemical can do just that....cause confusion about gender identity and create hermophodykes and extra large body parts, and some not at all or a bit weenie. That is the physical manifestation. What about the mental screwup these chemical can cause. Surely the gender confusion of the spirit likely begun In the zygote stage, early on, should be considered as a derivative from besotted satiated man-made confusion-compounds a world at war produced for mass murder but turned into profit centers for the worship of the science gods. My suspicion is the increased Tranny gender confusion lies in the Frankenstein monsters already known to permeate the entire natural world. Teflon is said to be in 90% of the US population. And that is just one! But no matter the cause, compassion AND common sense should rule. Just because some are confused is no need to confuse the alledged saner majority. One is a group, two is a crowd, and three is not allowed.

  • Count 'em ...Mondo Fuego™ , Thu Feb 23 2:33pm
    ... you're the only one cheerleading for pee-pee-challenged perverts.
    • We're it just the pee wee. — Contrarian, Fri Feb 24 9:07am
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