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I live downtown so there are no song birds, just sparrows an
Thu Mar 2, 2017 2:21pm

black birds.

  • How do you like bird singing?Ken C, Thu Mar 2 12:30pm
    How often is it beautiful, and how often is it annoying or distracting? There is one outside my window now. I like beautiful music, but I get distracted easily. It makes it hard to concentrate on... more
    • Birds frequently use their "outside voice" News Junkie, Fri Mar 3 6:58am
      Some people keep them as pets and I don't know how they can tolerate the decibels indoors. But they are nice to watch sometimes and I have a bird feeder in my back yard. If only I could keep the... more
    • I live downtown so there are no song birds, just sparrows an — jb, Thu Mar 2 2:21pm
      • "The sedge has wither'd from the lake ...John Keats, Thu Mar 2 4:18pm
        ... and no birds sing." How many of you are educated in literature and poetry? I enjoyed the myriad of literary works that passed my way, including Greek & Roman Mythology; Roman History, a lot of... more
        • Intellectual understanding is not the point.Contrarian, Fri Mar 3 8:32am
          Soulful feelings of the inner-self in all the myriad forms of life's joy and dispair, that is the nectar of each stanza and verse. Each snippet is a morsel upon which to rest and ponder the deep... more
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