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I Disagree, And I Think This Is The Danger...
Fri Mar 3, 2017 7:22am (XFF:

We can't validate the claims that this is standard operating procedure, because it isn't. Mainstream news isn't making up stories about Trump. They don't need to. But Trump's best defense has been to cite fake news as if he's been the one impacted by it. In reality, he and his team have been the orchestrators of it. If we promote Trump's defense and throw our hands up as if all reporting is absolutely untrustworthy, we are stepping onto a path that is going to cause severe damage to our nation for a long time to come.

There are plenty of reasons why Clinton lost. Among the most damaging, she came to believe her victory was inevitable in the last handful of weeks heading into election day, and pivoted to a strategy of inflating her turnout in safe states to bolster a popular vote total. When she was hit hard by the email story the weekend before the election, her inevitable victory eroded away. Another big reason was that she simply had disapproval numbers that were too high. There was no room for error. No room for a late breaking bombshell.

It is one thing for a politician that stands up, on the record, and make a claim. The media can then factcheck them, and they have to live with the fallout. It is another thing for a foreign country to use their resources to throw claims out there anonymously which a politician can then cite without risking their own credibility. I would say that if the facts bear out that Russia did that, it certainly wasn't "fair game." Now, I'm not looking to put Clinton in the White House. No way. The damage to our institutions that would be caused by such a thing would be monstrous. No, we have laws about succession, should the president be impeached. But the sad thing is, Pence would be at least as dangerous as Trump. I think Trump will end up being the Republican Party's undoing. They're going to ride the gravy train for too long, and in the end, they'll be branded as a part of it when the American people toss it out.


  • Looks like "fair game" to me ...Mondo Fuego™ , Fri Mar 3 5:51am
    ... the vast majority of political garbage in social media is anti-someone or anti-something, and much, if not most, of it is false. You should see the lowlife garbage posted on FarceBook pages of... more
    • I Disagree, And I Think This Is The Danger... — Amadeus, Fri Mar 3 7:22am
      • Journalism went to hell in a handbasket long ago. I do not trust any "fact checking" by any of the so-called media. There's no way to stop Russia or anyone else from hacking eMail accounts and... more
        • Alternative Fact.Amadeus, Mon Mar 6 6:32am
          We do have a mainstream media. It is not their fault that reality trends toward the left. You're being manipulated by Trump. The media isn't the enemy of anyone but those who fear the truth.... more
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