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Perfect example...PERFECT...of "fake news".
Fri Mar 3, 2017 11:20am (XFF:

The Left Media trumpeted "the rise of anti-Semitism" after President Trump was elected.

The Left Media claimed, without evidence, that President Trump's election -- and having Steve Bannon in the White House - had been a signal to anti-Semites that their views had been affirmed, and that they were now free to attack the Jewish community.

And JUST LOOK!!! Bomb threats against Jewish Centers AROUND THE COUNTRY AAAHHH!!!

The Left Media had no evidence of that, of course. They didn't say "We don't yet know who is responsible, so we need to just report the damn news and not fill in details that we don't have".

It was "Fake News".

And I'm betting that the REAL news will be practically ignored -- that the bomb threats actually came from an ignorant anti-Trump acehole.

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