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Mondo Fuego™
We have no "mainstream media". It's all partisan propaganda.
Fri Mar 3, 2017 2:32pm

Journalism went to hell in a handbasket long ago.

I do not trust any "fact checking" by any of the so-called media.

There's no way to stop Russia or anyone else from hacking eMail accounts and publishing them.

What Russia did was to bring the ugly truth about Hillary and her unethical practices to light, and we should thank them for that. That's "fair game".

You are dead wrong about Trump. He will prove to be the best thing we have had in a long time, and we will end up with a new, rejuvenated Republican Party, while the Dems and their tired old policies go down in flames.

  • I Disagree, And I Think This Is The Danger...Amadeus, Fri Mar 3 7:22am
    We can't validate the claims that this is standard operating procedure, because it isn't. Mainstream news isn't making up stories about Trump. They don't need to. But Trump's best defense has been to ... more
    • We have no "mainstream media". It's all partisan propaganda. — Mondo Fuego™, Fri Mar 3 2:32pm
      • Alternative Fact.Amadeus, Mon Mar 6 6:32am
        We do have a mainstream media. It is not their fault that reality trends toward the left. You're being manipulated by Trump. The media isn't the enemy of anyone but those who fear the truth.... more
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