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Oh what a tangled web is woven
Sun Mar 5, 2017 6:23am

via secret laws, secret courts, and secret prisons. Those who have disenfranchised the People from the Constitutional protections now find themselves scrambling to make the tangle ever more inscrutable. The Babylonian house of cards is imploding. Fallen, fallen is Babylon for no more reason than she believed she was forever in her corrupted hubris. The rats are scurrying hither and yonder, intrigue of the connivers is palpable, plots and counter plots unearthed by self-volition of divine exposure, the first Trump is blown. Let the mighty men of the lie tremble at the revelation, hoisted upon their own petards. They set the people up for enslavement and entrapped themselves. Bye bye Babylon.

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      Doctor 1: My vife and I has ben tryink to ov chiren wivout ne sugces. Doctor 2: Eet vould oppeer zat zhe eez inscrutable. Doctor 3: I cink zhe eez insurmountable. Doctor 4: Eet eez kwite obvious zat... more
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