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Christopher Blackwell
Illegal American aliens in Mexico
Sun Mar 5, 2017 9:12pm

Appears that we are not the only country will an illegal alien problem. [Grin]Shame on those illegal US citizens. Ship them home! [Grin] Many of them are probably poor American retired people who no longer can afford to live in the United States. Send them home anyway. [Grin]

Joking aside,1,000,000 Americans live in Mexico.

Posted on March 5, 2017 by Latino Rebels
News Report: 91.2% of All Americans Who Live in Mexico Are Living There Illegally [UPDATED]

A February 28 report from Mexico’s Excélsior news outlet said that 91.2% of all Americans who live in Mexico are living there illegally. The percentage of undocumented Americans is based on findings from a 2015 census survey from Mexico’s Institute of Geography and Statistics.
According to the Excélsior report, it said that 739,168 U.S. citizens lived in Mexico during 2015, of which only 65,302 had legal residency. The report explained that this breakdown marked a 37.8% increase in Mexico’s undocumented population of Americans living there. These Americans, Excélsior noted, are not deported.
The State Department says that 1 million U.S. citizens live in Mexico.

    • The difference is MONEY! (nm)Contrarian, Mon Mar 6 6:42am
      • Ultimately that is correct...Sprout, Mon Mar 6 8:39am
        Those "poor" retired folks that the poster is lamenting are taking TO Mexico a steady income that is probably markedly ABOVE the average. They show up with a good solid annual income when compared to ... more
        • Were I not so tied into this place,Contrarian, Tue Mar 7 6:18am
          and younger, I would move to Mexico. And with the political rancor going on, Mexico looks like a port in a storm.
    • And if they send them back that is fine...Sprout, Mon Mar 6 5:45am
      That is their right as a nation... And if an American wants to move to Mexico, he/she should follow Mexican immigration law. Why? Did you expect a different response? I'd bet if the weren't... more
      • Precisely!Contrarian , Tue Mar 7 6:22am
        The entire Mexican community here in my area are in some kind of government assistance. Mostly food stamp debit cards, and free medical. Some of them are actually pulling in SS and never contributed... more
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