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Looks like a scrambled plagarization of the BBC
Mon Mar 6, 2017 8:20am

It looks like a plagarization of a BBC report from January 12, with some "creative" editing.

The primary difference is that the BBC report says that the FISA request was to monitor "electronic records from two Russian banks", and doesn't suggest wiretaps of Trump.

Last April, the CIA director was shown intelligence that worried him. It was - allegedly - a tape recording of a conversation about money from the Kremlin going into the US presidential campaign.

It was passed to the US by an intelligence agency of one of the Baltic States. The CIA cannot act domestically against American citizens so a joint counter-intelligence taskforce was created.

The taskforce included six agencies or departments of government. Dealing with the domestic, US, side of the inquiry, were the FBI, the Department of the Treasury, and the Department of Justice. For the foreign and intelligence aspects of the investigation, there were another three agencies: the CIA, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the National Security Agency, responsible for electronic spying.

Lawyers from the National Security Division in the Department of Justice then drew up an application. They took it to the secret US court that deals with intelligence, the Fisa court, named after the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. They wanted permission to intercept the electronic records from two Russian banks.

Their first application, in June, was rejected outright by the judge. They returned with a more narrowly drawn order in July and were rejected again. Finally, before a new judge, the order was granted, on 15 October, three weeks before election day.

Neither Mr Trump nor his associates are named in the Fisa order, which would only cover foreign citizens or foreign entities - in this case the Russian banks. But ultimately, the investigation is looking for transfers of money from Russia to the United States, each one, if proved, a felony offence.

That would be consistent with the Obama White House, James Clapper, the former Director of National Intelligence under Obama and FBI Director Comey's statements that there were never any wiretaps placed on Trump.

  • What do you make of this?Mondo Fuego™ , Mon Mar 6 7:34am
    In our post-Orwellian World, we have no way of knowing if the following is true, but it could be. "FISA Request on Trump Came After Secret Meeting" What a strange coincidence. "On June 27th of 2016,... more
    • We must be care about supposed leads Contrarian , Tue Mar 7 1:33pm
      And of those who proffer these stories. Given the exposure dreaded by the Deep State, its effort to destabilize the Trump Presidency, tossing Loretta Lynch out as a piece of meat to the Trump... more
    • Looks like a scrambled plagarization of the BBC — Jeeves, Mon Mar 6 8:20am
    • Fake News SiteKR, Mon Mar 6 8:00am
      Check the disclaimer: ... All the information on this website is published in good faith and for general information purpose only. does not make any warranties about... more
      • Definitely an UNRELIABLE website.DFM, Mon Mar 6 10:08pm
        Here are the details: Daily Source Bias Check: World News Politics Posted on February 6, 2017 QUESTIONABLE... more
      • All media should post the same disclaimer ...Mondo Fuego™ , Mon Mar 6 9:37am
        ... look at all the fake news about Russians helping Trump and causing ol' nasty crooked hil to lose the election.
        • False equivalanceJeeves, Tue Mar 7 3:21am
          Not all news organizations are equally unreliable. Casting them all in the same category is a classic disinformation scheme. Don't fall for it.
      • I used to buy $1,000s of merchandise from Amazon each year from 2002 thru 2015. I quit buying anything from them in early 2016 once I realized that the nasty, vitriolic WaPo, owned by JeffFraud... more
        • Soon you will be starvingContrarian , Tue Mar 7 1:39pm
          I totally agree. And what you state goes doubly for the mainstream "news." My view is 'keep your opinion to yourself. Report the news, report the facts. Empower the people! I do not want to hear a... more
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