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Ultimately that is correct...
Mon Mar 6, 2017 8:39am

Those "poor" retired folks that the poster is lamenting are taking TO Mexico a steady income that is probably markedly ABOVE the average. They show up with a good solid annual income when compared to the cost of living of the area. They rent/buy/build houses. They purchase goods/services. It isn't uncommon for them to hire locals as maids.

I know a few retired military guys who have headed south to enjoy their retirement because their retirement check goes a lot farther down south.

The difference IS money. They are going to Mexico (and other countries) bringing money WITH THEM...

As opposed to many of the folks coming north who have the intent to take money OUT OF the their new home, instead of bringing it in.

Yes, it is not surprising that the Mexican gov't is FAR less likely to deport an American than they are to deport a Guatemalan, which they do regularly.

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