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If you can't see the comparison, I really can't help you...
Mon Mar 6, 2017 12:49pm

Just because some hacker acquired the data about the unethical behavior of a politician or party doesn't mean that we should pretend that the unethical behavior did not exist.

Just like, just because a police officer violated the law in acquiring evidence about a criminal act on the part of a suspect does NOT mean that we should pretend that the criminal behavior on the part of the suspect did not occur. NOR should be pretend that the criminal act on the part of the cop did not occur.

This is part of the problem. A cop violates your rights, so the evidence is thrown out. They NOW get to pretend that it is over. By throwing out the evidence the cop is 'punished' and the event is over.

My way means that the cop is SERIOUSLY punished for his violation. Not by covering it up and pretending that letting you go free makes it all ok...

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