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Because there's no evidence that any god exists
Mon Mar 6, 2017 2:06pm

And if you can't conjure up the god itself you've got nothing. That's why you people rely on "faith", which is STUPID. Faith doesn't turn on the lights, or make your computer run, or hold the roof up, or refrigerate your food, or anything else. It doesn't do ANYTHING. Science and engineering do EVERYTHING, and have been for at least a couple centuries. Most people know this and just don't think about it enough to realize at last that religion is complete BS. Get with the program. I mean, at least there's a precedent for alien life on other planets, in the form of millions of other species of plants & animals here on Earth, besides humans. But there isn't even a precedent for a supernatural being of any kind, anywhere. It doesn't exist. GET OVER IT.

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