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I think that you have it backwards. Why so much anti-Israel
Tue Mar 7, 2017 9:13am

sentiment in the first place? THAT is the question.

Of all of the nations of the Earth, why has the Left singled out Israel for unrelenting and vile criticism?

Plenty of countries in the World commit human right violations thousands of times worse than anything Israel has done. Why are these rarely or never the subject of international censure?

The very existence of anti-Israel, anti-Zionist vituperation by the LEFT is due to one fact alone: Israel is the Jewish State.

Look at a map of the World and find Israel among the Muslim nations.

It is so small that it is hard to find. Yet UN resolutions against Israel outnumber all others by a factor of more than ten. Israel is daily accused of trying to take over the entire Muslim confederation of nations, which is so absurd that it is laughable.

Unrelenting criticism of Israel by the LEFT (and no other country to the same degree) is anti-Semitism plain and simple. The facts do not bear any other interpretation.


  • "masquerading as anti-Israel sentiment..."Poppet, Sun Mar 5 11:29am
    "...masquerading as anti-Israel sentiment, but amounting to the same thing." I cannot state strongly enough how much I disagree with that. Most left-sourced statements against Israel have nothing... more
    • I think that you have it backwards. Why so much anti-Israel — DFM, Tue Mar 7 9:13am
      • Again, I strongly disagree.Poppet, Tue Mar 7 9:36am
        Continual censure of Israel at the UN and other international venues in a manner not proportional to its comparative human rights record is certainly a real thing...but what does that have to do with ... more
        • And they ignore the war crimes committed by the hamas and plo and they ignore the lack of freedom there. They ignore teaching of hatred of Israel and demand Israel seek peace with the Palestinians... more
    • And For The Record...Amadeus, Mon Mar 6 6:26am
      ...the KKK and skinheads are not a vestige of the left. No, no, no. The right owns them. We have our own crazies, no doubt. But these particular crazies, they're not ours. Amadeus
      • They are not mine either ...Mondo Fuego™ , Mon Mar 6 7:48am
        ... I went to McCallie School, a top-notch Prep School for Boys, mostly from conservative Christian families ... well, except for leftie CNN Founder Ted Turner. Approximately 10-15% of the student... more
        • Reality Is What It Is...Amadeus, Mon Mar 6 8:48am
          The difference is that you attempting to link criminals to the left is not the equivalent of the real link between the KKK, Nazis, skinheads, and the right. I am NOT saying that the general right... more
          • It is dishonest to claim they are vestiges of any ...Mondo Fuego™ , Mon Mar 6 9:48am
            ... respectable group, but your initial thrust here was that they must be part of the right because they are not part of the left. Please try to recognize that ideology is multi-dimensional, not... more
            • Just Relax...Amadeus, Mon Mar 6 11:43am
              If you can't accept reality, nothing good will follow. Those particular hateful groups are right wing. That's it. No big deal. They are not equivalent to Republicans or conservatives. All those... more
              • Enough of ...Mondo Fuego™ , Mon Mar 6 1:27pm
                ... your snowflake bullshit for today. Time for you to punch out on your time clock and go home.
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