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It is the LIBERALS who oppose Israel in US.
Tue Mar 7, 2017 11:20am

And they ignore the war crimes committed by the hamas and plo and they ignore the lack of freedom there. They ignore teaching of hatred of Israel and demand Israel seek peace with the Palestinians who have no intention of living in peace with Israel and they want to boycott Israel. One of the beefs is Israel is building settlements in places the Palestinians won't build anything.

Israel possess Israel. Any time the Palestinians want to negotiate peace they can do that. But, they want to destroy Israel and kill all the Israelis. That is anti Semitism and genocide and they are committing war crimes against Israel.

Israel has offered to help Palestinians build an economy but they refuse it. If they want to stop living in squalor Israel will help but they want to live in squalor and hate for Israel. Anyone who supports the Palestinians is anti Semitic in my book.

  • Again, I strongly disagree.Poppet, Tue Mar 7 9:36am
    Continual censure of Israel at the UN and other international venues in a manner not proportional to its comparative human rights record is certainly a real thing...but what does that have to do with ... more
    • It is the LIBERALS who oppose Israel in US. — jb, Tue Mar 7 11:20am
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