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Fake News
Tue Mar 7, 2017 1:59pm (XFF:

Until recently, the reality was that while right and left would argue over particular news stories - over things like the implications and the fallout - for the most part, the stories themselves, the facts, weren't disputed except in egregious cases. And when they were disputed, other reputable sources would be used to support the dispute.

Recently, the advent and quick advancement of social media has created and environment where an idea can quickly go viral without any regard as to its truth content. We've all seen the result of this: stories in our Facebook and Twitter feeds that turn out to be fabricated and untrue. The problem gets worse. Now, disreputable news sources can fabricate articles which are then linked to by viral social media posts. Other good and bad faith actors can then take the core ideas from those posts and create their own posts or articles. And when searching for support to cite, they can find the original, fabricated story. This is picked up on by a third generation of republishers. The original site, then can slightly alter their own original article, citing the plethora of new sources available that confirm their fabricated story. It can become nearly impossible to track down where a story starts, especially if those who are starting the stories are counting on the amplification of social media and are using that amplification to manipulate readers.

Now, a meta-play is available for bad faith actors: when any news source publishes something that you don't like, accuse the story of being fake news and dismiss it. The jaded audience no longer treats that source as a trustworthy source because they had personal investment in it not being true (to support their own views).

To me, this is frustrating, and it undermines not just our democracy, but our society. Our reputable news sources - the ones we had always trusted - shouldn't be discarded like fly-by-night pop up blogs. We absolutely can't simply decide that no media is trustworthy, but somehow, a politician is our best shot at honesty (let alone a newbie politician with a seedy past).

Wake up. You're being manipulated. No, not by mainstream media. Mainstream media is trying to tell you something is very, very wrong. In the quiet of your own space, with nobody watching you or judging you, remember what it was like before. You may not have liked CBS news, but you didn't really doubt that they were relaying the facts of the situation they were reporting. You may have thought the New York Times was liberal, but the facts of the stories reported weren't at issue. Withdraw the investment of your ego from whatever politician or ideology it normally resides in. This isn't a team competition, US vs. THEM, win at all costs. We are Americans, first.

Wake up.


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