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Mondo Fuego™
Wake up, HammerDeus, CNN/MSNBC/CBS/ABC/NBC/WaPo/NYT/LAT ...
Tue Mar 7, 2017 7:05pm

... are all delivering fake news and lies. They are political propaganda machines.

The only honest media is the Weather Channel.

Government bigwigs are liars.

Idiots like Pelosi and Mikulski can't remember if they met with Russians, so they lie about it, and instantly, up pop numerous video clips showing them meeting with Russians. Duh!

James Crapper, former NSA Director, can't even look up at the audience while he is lying. Absolute scumbag.

We know that both BillyBob Clinton and Loretta Lynch lied about the content of their illicit discussion in her plane in Phoenix. Of course, BillyBob lied abot his sexual assaults and trysts with Monica. He was impeached by the House for lying.

BoZobama has told so many lies that it is difficult to catalog them. It is obvious that he was involved in wiretapping Trump. I'm sure he is the one who has spread the fake news about alleged Trump ties to Russia. This is the little bastard who told the Russian ambassador to tell Putin that he would be "more flexible after the (2012) election". Surely you of all people should wonder what that was all about, since you are so interested in truth.

Brian Williams was sidelined for being a liar.

Dan Rather was shit-canned for being a liar.

Hillary Clinton has been caught in so many lies that even Google has trouble keeping up with them.

The media is no longer interested in objectively delivering news ... they have to deliver their garbage with an "AHA!", "got'cha" gusto. That man-ized dyke on MSNBC has orgasms while spewing forth her vitriolic venom. I wonder which restroom she identifies with ... could be a tranny for all I know.

Trust is a 5-letter word gone, perhaps forever. All media is owned by money-power-hungry mega-corporations and staffed by ambitious Hollywood-type B-movie types who would trip their grandmothers in the mud for advancement.

Best to turn off the news, watch some old episodes of Columbo, Burn Notice, Blue Bloods, and James Bond; old Hitchcock movies; and The Weather Channel. You will not learn a goddam thing on the Lame-stream media.

  • Fake NewsAmadeus, Tue Mar 7 1:59pm
    Until recently, the reality was that while right and left would argue over particular news stories - over things like the implications and the fallout - for the most part, the stories themselves, the ... more
    • There's a YUGE difference now.SES, Wed Mar 8 6:18am
      Back when Obama was President, the Left Media was relatively benign. By that I mean that, while they might do a few "news" stories that were critical of Republicans, the majority of their times was... more
    • Your post is fake newsContrarian, Wed Mar 8 4:10am
      How this article or is it you can dare postulate the MSM is factual is an insult to my sad intelligence. Otherwise, yes, social media is a mine field that requires a steady understanding of evil at... more
    • Wake up, HammerDeus, CNN/MSNBC/CBS/ABC/NBC/WaPo/NYT/LAT ... — Mondo Fuego™ , Tue Mar 7 7:05pm
      • You state truth and a few faulty concepts.Contrarian, Wed Mar 8 4:20am
        Hey, no one is perfect. Clapper should have been held in contempt of congress. Search out BSA and their wicked Bluffdale snoop repository, a million square feet of enslavement. The Weather Channel is ... more
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