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Christopher Blackwell
Not fake at all.
Tue Mar 7, 2017 9:23pm


I have no doubt the Military is greatly interested in power that is portable and does not require long supply lines to maintain.

Also the military has said quite plainly over the last few years that they see climate change as the greatest security threat to our country.

That too is completely logical, as the first thing affected by unstable climate is food production. That creates social unrest, political instability, and economic instability and that affects all economies, creates social disruptions, political instability,with high death and disease problems.

The last such period was the Mini-Ice Age 1400s to the 1700. Note a few things happened in that time a major split in the Christian Church,the collapse of Feudalism, the Witch panic,the Black Plague, periods of mass starvation when crops failed n more often with the swing back and forth between drought and floods,and of course revolutions and revolts all over the place.

The weather shifts created some of it and the stress created by it made things more difficult in other areas of the world. So the military has reason to both worry and to become as energy independents as possible beforehand so that it can keep functional.

As for Trump, he has be pretty good at giving people reasons to dislike him, even the military.It was the military that turned down his desire to have a military parade at the inaugural, complete with mobile missile carries s and heavy armor.

  • Gosh, warfare has gone GREEN!Contrarian, Tue Mar 7 12:14pm
    Yeah, sure. And by 2025 no less. That will be converging with the very same year the US Air Force pledges to control the weather. Controlling the weather is so very green. I suspect the "green" has a ... more
    • Not fake at all. — Christopher Blackwell, Tue Mar 7 9:23pm
      • Geoengineering of the weather is in full op modeContrarian, Wed Mar 8 4:25am
        It's a Pentagon inspired effort to conduct weather warfare. That is a fact. It is not green! Do some research. Interesting if true the Donald wanted a military parade. Troubling.
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