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You state truth and a few faulty concepts.
Wed Mar 8, 2017 4:20am

Hey, no one is perfect. Clapper should have been held in contempt of congress. Search out BSA and their wicked Bluffdale snoop repository, a million square feet of enslavement. The Weather Channel is part of the Geoengineering coverup. There is no natural weather. They know this. Dan Rather told the truth, twice: Baby Bushs AWOL, and his real time analysis that the collapse of the Twins was a demolition just like the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas. He had to go, and Brokaw and dying Jennings... Time for prettier faces more believable and maleable to spew the MSM lies.

  • ... are all delivering fake news and lies. They are political propaganda machines. The only honest media is the Weather Channel. Government bigwigs are liars. Idiots like Pelosi and Mikulski can't... more
    • You state truth and a few faulty concepts. — Contrarian, Wed Mar 8 4:20am
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