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There's a YUGE difference now.
Wed Mar 8, 2017 6:18am (XFF:

Back when Obama was President, the Left Media was relatively benign. By that I mean that, while they might do a few "news" stories that were critical of Republicans, the majority of their times was spent extolling the virtues of their Messiah, and ignoring anything that he did that was repugnant or dishonest or underhanded or utterly incompetent.

All you had to do was watch, say, CNN back then to see it -- Obama was awesome, the Republicans were just obstructionists, and oh, that scandal involving Obama? Nothing to see there, so why even cover it?

Things have changed now.

All you have to do is watch CNN and you KNOW that they're mostly doing "fake news" stories with the sole intention of attacking and delegitimizing President Trump.

Maybe the issue is not having the same definition of "fake news".

To ME, "fake news" means running a headline like "The Russians Hacked Our Election", while deep inside the article, there's a line that says "No clear evidence exists that the Russians were behind the hacking and release of DNC emails".

So all that a majority of people read is the headline -- "The Russians Hacked Our Election" -- and they don't actually read the article, or if they do they don't read the WHOLE article, and they're left with the "fake" impression that the Russians somehow hacked into our election process and changed votes.

That's "fake news". It's utterly misleading and dishonest.

And it happens CONSTANTLY.

It started during the campaign.

"Trump Campaign Manager Assaults Reporter".

No. He didn't.

"Trump Calls Mexicans Rapists and Criminals".

No. He didn't.

"Trump Campaign All About Hatred and Anger".

No. It wasn't.

And on and on and on and on.

And based on all of that "fake news" -- from CNN and PMSNBC and The New York Times et al -- you have millions of Americans who think President Trump is a racist anti-Semite who hates women and immigrants and minorities and who can't wait to start World War III and who hates Solar Power and Wind Power and wants dirty air and dirty water and only wants to be President to make himself richer and blah blah blah.

Wake up. You're being manipulated. Yes, by the Left Media.

  • Fake NewsAmadeus, Tue Mar 7 1:59pm
    Until recently, the reality was that while right and left would argue over particular news stories - over things like the implications and the fallout - for the most part, the stories themselves, the ... more
    • There's a YUGE difference now. — SES, Wed Mar 8 6:18am
    • Your post is fake newsContrarian, Wed Mar 8 4:10am
      How this article or is it you can dare postulate the MSM is factual is an insult to my sad intelligence. Otherwise, yes, social media is a mine field that requires a steady understanding of evil at... more
    • ... are all delivering fake news and lies. They are political propaganda machines. The only honest media is the Weather Channel. Government bigwigs are liars. Idiots like Pelosi and Mikulski can't... more
      • You state truth and a few faulty concepts.Contrarian, Wed Mar 8 4:20am
        Hey, no one is perfect. Clapper should have been held in contempt of congress. Search out BSA and their wicked Bluffdale snoop repository, a million square feet of enslavement. The Weather Channel is ... more
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