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Certainly NOT. The Messiah plays only a minor role.
Wed Mar 8, 2017 8:57am

The Land of Israel was always in the center of the stage.

In any event, my interpretation that the State of Israel IS the Messiah unites both points of view.

If you mean Messiah as a PERSON, then I am not with you on this. The various Messiahs (anointed kings of Israel) were a very disappointing lot. Saul was insane. David was a womanizer and weak rule who permitted not one, but two of his own sons to revolt against his rule. Solomon was a totally worthless fool who bankrupted the country and set the stage for civil war. And it was downhill from there. Those are the Messiahs of the past, and a rather putrid group they were indeed. Israel is a REPUBLIC, not a monarchy.


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