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CERTAINLY, it can exist and i have read many NDE that
Wed Mar 8, 2017 9:59am

are doubtful but I focus here on VERIFIED NDE. There are several books of verified NDE one of which I mentioned, Closer to the Light so you have nothing to be skeptical about. These NDE ARE REAL and ARE backed up by Fear Death Experiences, "My whole life flashed in front of my eyes." and Shared Death Experiences. I read about SDE before there was a name for them about a Baha'i medic in Vietnam. I read about an NDE before I knew the name for them and it happened before 1900 and involved Abdul Baha and I read in the same book After Death Communications which happened during WWII. SO, ALL of these are very well documented and I knew about them before NDE were well known. Maybe that is why my ADC never seemed strange to me but just part of my life.

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