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The blind lady SAW! and described what happened. The girl
Wed Mar 8, 2017 11:22am

saw her sister crying. A woman knew her sister died. Watch the nde facebook videos so you can see they are NOT just making these things up and watch Renee Pasarow's talk on her NDE. LIS, I read an NDE that happened more than 100 yrs. ago and read ADC during WWII when Dorothy Baker saw a jeep in a vision before she had seen one in real life. These ARE REAL EVENTS. Dorothy did not make it up, nobody knew about those things then. NDE go back HUNDREDS OF YEARS. You are too skeptical. Talk to doctors and nurses as I have and they will tell you about NDE they experienced. Doctors didn't believe in NDE until they had experience first or second hand. I talked to a medic who had a patient who had NDE IN his presence. MILLIONS OF US have had NDE.

That is not to mention Deathbed Visions which are very common. Ask a nurse about them. I ask EVERY DOCTOR AND NURSE I see if they know about NDE/DBV/TL AND THEY ALL SAY YES. And they all believe they are Supernatural. IOW, it is NOT THE BODY DOING IT.

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