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Why WOULDN'T I? given the dozens of doctors and nurses i
Wed Mar 8, 2017 12:18pm

talk to and they affirm these things happen and they are NOT NATURAL. How can you deny them? I talked to SIX CARDIOLOGISTS and I can't count the other doctors and nurses that affirm NDE/DBV occur. Why would I doubt? I have had MANY After Death Communications. If you doubt the Spiritual World you have NO LEG TO STAND ON. NOT ONE. Whether you like it or not there IS A HEAVEN and a GOD IN IT. It is IMPOSSIBLE for all of us to lie or be wrong. To understand why you would have to read at least a few dozen NDE/DBV and see how similar they are and how diverse the sources are BUT I THINK YOU WANT TO DENY THEM so you can continue to pretend there is no GOD and no HEAVEN and not admit your whole life is based on folly.

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