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The brain stays alive but it does not function.
Wed Mar 8, 2017 6:34pm

In fact, after a heart attack and collapse I doubt there is any lucid activity and memory is lost as it is lost when consciousness is lost but when the Soul leaves the body it functions lucidly until it returns to the body then it does not function lucidly. I hope that is clear.

Recovery time depends on conditions, especially temperature. Up to an hour has been survived.

  • Rather longer than that, I believe.Poppet, Wed Mar 8 6:17pm
    Most of the references I checked briefly stated 4-6 minutes from cessation of oxygen. more
    • and as energy banks slowly step downTrish, Wed Mar 8 7:02pm
      all manner of information may come into a person's perception. Most people do not realize how much intel we gather every moment of every day that we may not consciously remember, but our brain... more
    • The brain stays alive but it does not function. — jb, Wed Mar 8 6:34pm
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