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Arab states armies were small & poorly trained except Jordan
Wed Mar 8, 2017 8:40pm

The Arab Legion of Jordan was by far the best equipped and best trained force in the region, including even Israel. King Abdullah was only wishy-washy about the whole thing and preferred to make peace with Israel, so his commitment was never strong.

True, the Arab states combined with Palestinian auxiliaries outnumbered the Israelis, but not by as huge a factor as their respective populations would lead one to expect.

Admittedly, Israel was the underdog, but not by a factor of 10.

Israel did have a secret weapon that the Arabs did not: Desperation.

Arab soldiers knew that, even if they lost, they could go home after the war to live safely with their families.

Israeli soldiers knew that if they lost, they and their families would be utterly slaughtered.

When losing is absolute suicide, you are strongly motivated to win.

Incidentally, King Abdullah's personal bodyguard was Jewish because he could not trust his fellow Arabs. He was later murdered by a Palestinian assassin for attempting to deal with Israel. Nobody believes me when I tell them that the King's bodyguard was Jewish, but facts are readily available. Here is a photo of the King and his very Jewish bodyguard:


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