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Not about authority. But about being correct...
Thu Mar 9, 2017 8:20am

He doesn't need "authority" when he is factually correct.

but I guess to some, emotions determine facts...

  • ROFLMAO...Amadeus, Wed Mar 8 12:51pm
    So much authority. Amadeus
    • Not about authority. But about being correct... — Sprout, Thu Mar 9 8:20am
    • Quantum Mechanics insists on the absolute identity of electrons. That identity, combined with the Pauli Exclusion Principle (Fermi-Dirac statistics), is responsible for the shell structure of the... more
      • You Will Note...Amadeus, Thu Mar 9 6:57am
        ...that I didn't claim that your position or claims were not correct. Read and pay attention. LOL Amadeus
    • Difficult for you, isn't it?Shadow, Wed Mar 8 12:54pm
      People who are actually sure of themselves.
      • Precious!Amadeus, Thu Mar 9 6:59am
        Not at all! You mistake my amusement. But, by all means, you had to take that opportunity to share some venom. Great witness. Well done. Amadeus
      • Mechanics that makes me so sure. There are many uncertain things in Science, but elementary QM is, along with Thermodynamics, one of the two most highly verified theories in all of Physics. The... more
        • Your Problem...Amadeus, Thu Mar 9 7:00am
          You see what you expect to see. I did not disagree with you. I found your post amusing. Amadeus
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