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Who invoked "authority?"
Thu Mar 9, 2017 9:07am

Although he is actually conversant in this area at an expert level, DFM didn't invoke that authority. If he wrote with complete confidence in the accuracy of what he was writing, that's understandable (Prof. Goff's claims in the matter of "panpsychism" are utter nonsense...something I don't say lightly about a colleague). I don't understand your assertion here.

Consciousness is a complex cognate. It exists as the result of the evolution of a complex adaptive system (that is, organic life, and specifically within a component - the brain - of some components of that system, individual animals of sufficient brain mass). There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever to indicate that it exists in any form within the component parts of those brains, even at the single cellular level, to say nothing of atomic particles. Consciousness arises via the entire complex system represented by the functioning brain. Consciousness is not an innate property, it is an ongoing phenomenon. It' snot something that "is," it's something that "happens," if you see what I mean.

Prof. Goff's invoking of Russell is off-target. Yes, Russell pointed out that science tells us not so much what matter is, but what it does, but consciousness qualifies as the latter, not the former.

I also concur with DFM regarding Kant's "thing-in-itself" notions. The thing-in-itself is not an innate property. It is an assigned cognate. That is, we create the notion of the thing-in-itself as a function of our differentiation between all that we observe. That is, when we see the massive collection of physical phenomena that constitute, say, a cat, we mentally assign that categorical descriptor, which designates that mass of phenomena as a component of the set of phenomena sufficiently similar to be so categorized. The "catness" (as opposed to tish) applies only to the complete collection of phenomena, not to its components. The catness isn't applicable to the component phenomena, even at relatively "macro" levels: the cat's tail isn't a cat. Obviously this extends right down to QM-level phenomena. Only the complete collection of phenomena possesses "catness," and even that is the result of what the components do, not some innate feline nature.

  • ROFLMAO...Amadeus, Wed Mar 8 12:51pm
    So much authority. Amadeus
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      • You Will Note...Amadeus, Thu Mar 9 6:57am
        ...that I didn't claim that your position or claims were not correct. Read and pay attention. LOL Amadeus
    • Difficult for you, isn't it?Shadow, Wed Mar 8 12:54pm
      People who are actually sure of themselves.
      • Precious!Amadeus, Thu Mar 9 6:59am
        Not at all! You mistake my amusement. But, by all means, you had to take that opportunity to share some venom. Great witness. Well done. Amadeus
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        • Your Problem...Amadeus, Thu Mar 9 7:00am
          You see what you expect to see. I did not disagree with you. I found your post amusing. Amadeus
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