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I struggle to comprehend the mindset of some believers...
Thu Mar 9, 2017 10:41am

While I grasp that Bauer is certainly an outlier and not any standard bearer, the CONCEPT of a person NEEDING some centralized document or writing to TELL them what is right or wrong is confusing to me. The commonly made claim that atheists simply have no moral/ethical standards because they lack a book to tell them what to do is a bit concerning to me. I have no problems evaluating what is ethical or unethical without a document to tell me the answer...

And for someone like Bauer to PRESUME that someone without religion would simply be completely ethically rudderless makes me wonder what would someone like Bauer DO if he/she were to lose his/her centrally directed moral standards... Where is this idea that without a bible, folks are just unable to understand right from wrong come from? Is it that Bauer HIMSELF (and those like him) are completely unable to comprehend ethics and DO need someone or something else to TELL them the difference between right and wrong? If not, then where does this idea that atheists must be unable to grasp the difference? And if so, are there REALLY that many people who would be murderers the instant they lost their religion?

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