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I Was Amused By His Tone...
Thu Mar 9, 2017 12:20pm (XFF:

And that amusement comes in context of my recent interaction with him.

There is no doubt that he's highly intelligent, and I absolutely didn't dispute his claims, but he has a tunnel vision sense of the world on many topics.

On the topic, I find it interesting that this seems to assume that consciousness is something chemical and/or biological. That makes it, ultimately, a physical/material thing residing in a physical place. That is far from proven, isn't it?

Can something non-material arise from material processes?

What if the mechanisms of the brain are merely a means for consciousness to attach to a body?

On the "catness" of a cat, isn't it interesting that different cultures would produce such similar assigned cognates when there is nothing innate about the thing-in-itself? Doesn't that speak to an underlying reality? And while nobody is going to call a mere tail a "cat," we recognize all tails as tails. They have their own thingness even while being part of a larger thing.


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