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Mondo Fuego™
What's with Hawaii & Washington ...
Thu Mar 9, 2017 12:45pm

... trying to block Trump's Executive Order banning immigrants from Iran, Syria, Sudan and other axis of evil countries?

Bunch of idiots.

    • I disdeign diversity.Contrarian, Thu Mar 9 4:36pm
      No more damned immigrants!
    • Read The Arguments...Amadeus, Thu Mar 9 1:17pm
      They point out that there is no emergency need for this and that the ban is an overt attempt to accomplish something that isn't Constitutional (a ban on Muslim immigration). Seems pretty... more
      • What do these libnutz states know?Mondo Fuego™ , Thu Mar 9 2:06pm
        It is not up to Hawaii and Washington to determine the need for national security or what constitutes an "emergency". Your knowledge of the Constitution is sorely lacking. People from other countries ... more
      • including the MOST POPULOUS Muslim nation in the world that are NOT on the list, it seems like the CLAIM that it is intended to ban Muslim immigration is unfounded. And of course, for some ignorant... more
        • Ford wants to move from Dearborn because of ...Mondo Fuego™ , Thu Mar 9 2:11pm
          ... the undesirability of having thousands of these mongrels perched on their doorstep. Maybe there's some way to move them all to Hawaii. PS - I have been to Hawaii ... not great ... would not go... more
          • No, they don'tJeeves, Fri Mar 10 3:40am
            I have a reputable source which says Ford is not leaving Dearborn. Do you have a source for your claim? No? Ford unveils 10-year plan to transform Dearborn campus Work will begin in the coming weeks... more
    • i think yome, Thu Mar 9 12:59pm
      it would be a good idea to ship them to Syria to help oversee the vetting.
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