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The one that matches their physical appearance. (nm)
Thu Mar 9, 2017 3:37pm

  • Which restroom should gay people use?Ken C, Thu Mar 9 2:04pm
    I used to work with a gay man. The way he looked at me when I was in the men's room with him made me feel uncomfortable. I don't want a gay person standing there watching me while I'm peeing. I... more
    • The Issue Is Different...Amadeus, Fri Mar 10 6:25am
      Would you have been comfortable with overt scoping if it was happening outside the bathroom? Say he was checking you out all the time in the cafeteria - would that have bothered you? It's sexual... more
    • True confessions?Contrarian, Thu Mar 9 4:31pm
      You are "pee shy." It's a minor psychological disorder. The cure is to whip it out and fling it a bit. By the way, jb studies show most makes cop a peek of other genitals given a chance. It natural.
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