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Christopher Blackwell
Keep learning new medical terms
Thu Mar 9, 2017 7:34pm


and any medical technologies. I am popular with my doctors and they seem to like examining me inside and out.

However my eyesight still seems to be improving, almost can read books again, though not quite as easy as it used to be. But I will take what I can get. Mean while my eye sight other than book reading seems to be good. I notice improvement in distance seeing, such as stars and such. That is nice.

Meanwhile, our local rock and gem show opened to the public today and is on until Sunday afternoon. A friend is selling at the show, so I hope that he does well . Last year for him was half sales of the year before for him. He does a far greater job polishing rock beyond what most people can ever do and the local geodes are some of the best in the world.

I will get some of the over flow from the show and some of the dealers may buy after they have made enough money. About 70% of my yearly sales come in this short period of time. Right now the weather is nice and gets to the lower 80s. Some years it can be anything but, rough on the outside dealers, though rocks always shows up best in sunlight. Weather here can be changeable in the extreme from one year to another,including hail, rain snow, wind and dust,or cold as well as heat.

The other major variable is the economy.
Meanwhile, I have a mining trip to finance. Hopefully out of sales,but I also have used my own money if I have it handy. The first advice to anyone starting a rock shops is, always, "It is handy to have an alternate income."

For me the important thing it is something that I can do, when there is very little left that I can do physically. Doing, nothing is unhealthy to mind and body. I am good at starting conversations and explaining things, and I can usually get people to laugh, and feel better by the time they leave. Also they come to me. I don't have to search out new people to talk with. So though I do like a lot of personal time to myself, I never have been a hermit. So this works well for me and makes my daily life interesting. It also covers property taxes, utilities, and Satelite Internet,as our local phone system has a habit of breaking down every time the wind blows.

  • i love the small farms but don't likeyome, Wed Mar 8 11:58pm
    the deer. how are you doing these days Mr Chris. glad to see ya still around.
    • Keep learning new medical terms — Christopher Blackwell, Thu Mar 9 7:34pm
      • Re: Keep learning new medical termsyome, Thu Mar 9 9:12pm
        glad you eye sight is better..:) thats a good thing. i think the rock thing is interesting, i've seen a few shows on t.v. where they were digging.. it looked like they were finding some good stuff... more
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