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Re: Keep learning new medical terms
Thu Mar 9, 2017 9:12pm

glad you eye sight is better..:) thats a good thing.

i think the rock thing is interesting, i've seen a few shows on t.v. where they were digging.. it looked like they were finding some good stuff and having a good time doing it. i also watched a few shows where they were digging for fossils. which is also pretty cool, but the rocks are a thing of beauty , i like them .

  • Keep learning new medical termsChristopher Blackwell, Thu Mar 9 7:34pm
    Yome, and any medical technologies. I am popular with my doctors and they seem to like examining me inside and out. However my eyesight still seems to be improving, almost can read books again,... more
    • Re: Keep learning new medical terms — yome, Thu Mar 9 9:12pm
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