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No, they don't
Fri Mar 10, 2017 3:40am

I have a reputable source which says Ford is not leaving Dearborn. Do you have a source for your claim? No?

Ford unveils 10-year plan to transform Dearborn campus

Work will begin in the coming weeks on a massive 10-year renovation to Ford Motor Co.’s design and product facilities with the goal of bringing the 112-year-old car company into the modern age and transforming Dearborn into a landing spot for top automotive talent.

Ford on Tuesday made public plans to drastically redevelop its outdated properties into a walkable, aesthetically pleasing work environment reminiscent of a college campus or Silicon Valley startup. Over the next decade, the automaker plans to relocate 30,000 employees currently spread throughout 70 Dearborn buildings into two main campuses — a product campus across the street from Oakwood Boulevard and The Henry Ford Museum, and a World Headquarters campus near the Glass House off Michigan Avenue.

The long-term project will include demolishing certain facilities and updating existing ones. Ford will build a new design center and zero-waste sustainability showcase building and completely renovate the interior of the Glass House. Early renderings call for basketball courts, softball fields, walkable paths with lakes, flowers and trees, and the ability for employees to move around the campuses using e-bikes, autonomous cars and shuttles.

(More at the link.)

  • Ford wants to move from Dearborn because of ...Mondo Fuego™ , Thu Mar 9 2:11pm
    ... the undesirability of having thousands of these mongrels perched on their doorstep. Maybe there's some way to move them all to Hawaii. PS - I have been to Hawaii ... not great ... would not go... more
    • No, they don't — Jeeves, Fri Mar 10 3:40am
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