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Wrong. Muslims are NOT "mongrelized" at all. They are INBRED
Fri Mar 10, 2017 8:06am

which is the opposed of "mongrelized". Each extended family (clan of a couple hundred) marries only within itself. This has produced centuries of inbreeding.

It is well-known in genetics that mongrels, crosses among distant groups, usually have what is called "hybrid vigor". The combination of genes from distant groups have powerful advantages. That is why ALL commercial maize is hybridized.

USA is the most mongrelized nation on Earth, not only genetically, but culturally. USA has accepted the best people from many areas, who have intermixed their genes and their culture to form the most progressive, richest, and most powerful country on Earth.

Consanguinity (marriage of close relatives) is responsible for the extremely high rate of birth defects in Muslims. Cultural isolation is responsible for the stupid, narrow-minded, xenophobic character of Muslim civilization.

For anybody who thinks that I am making the stuff up about inbreeding and Muslims, I offer the following consanguinity map with cited source which makes it absolutely clear that I am correct. The Muslim World stands out like a sore thumb.


WE, the USA are mongrelized, and damned proud of it.


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