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Do you even know what the author is claiming about White
Fri Mar 10, 2017 9:29am

Guilt. It is not merely those two words coupled together.
It's the entire concept of what's happening, not the
simplified definition you are seeming to react to.

Have you read his book, his papers, heard him speak, etc.
etc.? I'm inclined to think you do not know what you're
talking about here.

  • I Am Not So Limited!Amadeus, Fri Mar 10 9:04am
    I do disagree, but I also agree, I entertain and I am entertained. I learn and I teach. When I disagree, it is not for the sake of disagreeing - or I would plainly state it as such. What am I... more
    • Do you even know what the author is claiming about White — shadow, Fri Mar 10 9:29am
      • White guilt is the individual or collective guilt felt by some white people for harm resulting from racist treatment of ethnic minorities by other white people both historically and currently.[1]... more
        • but to what wiki, Hundal and you say. The author never says that anyone is feeling the guilt as such, only that it is descriptive for the behavior. Of course those who are reacting would not accept... more
          • That's Bad (Unfalsifiable) ReasoningAmadeus, Sun Mar 12 6:54pm
            The reality is that I understood from the beginning. That I disagree with the author of the article is plain, but I obviously understand what the author is claiming. And the other possibility that... more
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