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The Laws In Question...
Fri Mar 10, 2017 10:11am (XFF: not say, "If a person looks like..."

There is no guidance to only enforce the law if someone doesn't look like someone's particular ideal of a female or a male.

You see, this is the argument that WE have been making. No laws were necessary. Transgender people have been managing this on their own for a while, and interventions to force them to use the bathroom of their original gender have led to their victimization.

But no. That wasn't good enough. Because we had kids at schools who were transitioning and who wanted to use the restroom of their gender identity. Under these laws, they would be forced to use the bathrooms of their original gender, no matter what they look like, because there is no provision in the law pertaining to what they look like.

As I said, the law makes no sense. It is hard to enforce in general, and in the specific case it was designed for, it causes harm and leads to counterproductive results.

As a side-effect of these laws, are transgendered folks supposed to keep it a secret that they are transgendered? Because if they don't, then your whole "nobody is going to know they're transgendered and nobody is going to check" argument just collapses. What about people using the bathrooms in their workplace? If their boss discovers they are transgendered and then demands (according to these really crappy laws) that they use the bathroom of their original gender?

These laws are ridiculous and should be overturned.


  • It's as plain as the nose on your face....Sprout, Fri Mar 10 9:20am
    NOBODY would even QUESTION if the one in the second picture uses the men's room... It is ONLY if someone who LOOKS like the one in the 2nd picture wants to use the WOMENS room because of his/her... more
    • The Laws In Question... — Amadeus, Fri Mar 10 10:11am
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