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Mondo Fuego™
Nobody was having transgender issues until ...
Fri Mar 10, 2017 8:48pm

... pervs like you came along to either be them or promote their perverse, sick cause.

  • The Laws In Question...Amadeus, Fri Mar 10 10:11am not say, "If a person looks like..." There is no guidance to only enforce the law if someone doesn't look like someone's particular ideal of a female or a male. You see, this is the argument... more
    • Nobody was having transgender issues until ... — Mondo Fuego™, Fri Mar 10 8:48pm
    • Jeez you're dense....Sprout, Fri Mar 10 10:15am
      Unless you are saying the law mandates DNA testing at the entrance to a bathroom, there is NO WAY for ANYONE to tell UNLESS the scenario I described comes up. Duh.
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