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Mondo Fuego™
This is an outright lie. Perverse propaganda.
Sat Mar 11, 2017 2:53am

There is no way to verify the bullshit that you are posting here.

  • You Are The One Not Getting It...Amadeus, Fri Mar 10 8:58am
    The one in the second picture was born a woman, is now a transgender male, now wants to use men's restroom. Yes, I could see that the parent of a 6 year old girl (myself BEING such a parent) would... more
    • It's as plain as the nose on your face....Sprout, Fri Mar 10 9:20am
      NOBODY would even QUESTION if the one in the second picture uses the men's room... It is ONLY if someone who LOOKS like the one in the 2nd picture wants to use the WOMENS room because of his/her... more
      • The Laws In Question...Amadeus, Fri Mar 10 10:11am not say, "If a person looks like..." There is no guidance to only enforce the law if someone doesn't look like someone's particular ideal of a female or a male. You see, this is the argument... more
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