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No. The concept of "transgender" is stupid.
Sun Mar 12, 2017 12:17am

Gender is sexual identity, which is the result of exactly ONE factor: A functioning Y chromosome.

Each somatic cell of a man contains a functioning Y chromosome along with an X chromosome.
Each somatic cell of a woman contains two X chromosomes.

This fact cannot be changed in any way. Cosmetic surgery does not change the chromosomes in the cells.

To illustrate further: Suppose that a team of surgeons operated on a human to make him/her look exactly like a frog. Would that make the human into a frog? No. When cosmetic surgery to make a man look like a woman or vice versa does not change the gender in any way. It is simply an illusion.

The real problem with "transgender" people is that they are psychotic, that is, out of contact with reality. The solution is to bring the brain into alignment with the body and not the other way around. In a few years, combined sex hormone and nerve growth factor infusion into the cerebrospinal fluid will bring an end to this nonsense.


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