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I Have A Real Problem With Bullies...
Sun Mar 12, 2017 6:58pm

...and the corollary to that is that I feel compelled to help the victims of bullies.

You often side with the bullies. It puts us at odds quite a bit.

But my "fascination" has nothing to do with people's reproductive organs. It has to do with protecting those who need protection.


  • You have a fascination with people's pee-pees ... Mondo Fuego™ , Thu Mar 9 10:02pm
    ... I'm beginning to think you are a perv. And, your little pics are just more fake shit, and you know it. They both should be made to squat in a port-o-pottie. You are the proverbial empty-suited... more
    • I Have A Real Problem With Bullies... — Amadeus, Sun Mar 12 6:58pm
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