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Has it ever occurred to you i could be right?
Mon Mar 13, 2017 1:37pm

and your god has clay feet? Example 2: In another instance a woman with a heart condition was dying at the same time that her sister was in a diabetic coma in another part of the same hospital. The subject reported having a conversation with her sister as both of them hovered near the ceiling watching the medical team work on her body below. When the woman awoke, she told the doctor that her sister had died while her own resuscitation was taking place. The doctor denied it, but when she insisted, he had a nurse check on it. The sister had, in fact, died during the time in question.


Sue was dying and her friend Carla was dying. She asked her father why he didn't tell her Carla died. She came to take me to Heaven. HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN THAT?

George had forgotten everybody's name. He had dementia and had no memory. But, just before he died, he called everybody by name and told them goodbye. He hadn't spoken for months. How do you explain?

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