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Excellent video 1.32 min) of aerosol assault
Tue Mar 14, 2017 8:25am

upon the good citizens of Redding, California. And the outrage by one woman who marched herself down to fake news TV 7 building. She pounded on the door and finally got one doofus secretary to come outside. Of course she is correct: She and everyone are being sprayed with nano-toxins. And like everywhere USA, Channel 7 is not going to report the aerosol attack. It's known as news lockdown USA. And as this good Citizen stated, Channel 7 is about their opinion, not about local news.

      • Do people carry Geiger counters?Contrarian, Tue Mar 14 9:48am
        Or spectrometers, or nano-microscopes? No, of course not. But we plebs who have some sense of the abnormal going on in the sky above do have There, for those who are not yet... more
        • Your "sense" is nonsense.DFM, Tue Mar 14 2:48pm
          Not one chemtrail fundie has ever sent an aircraft up to sample this stuff. DFM
          • Your proffer a false assumptionContrarian, Tue Mar 14 5:46pm
            One need not ride on the rear of a jet to know what is being sprayed. It's showing up in the soil, water, and air samples. Tests have been done. You can find the results over at... more
            • Actually, yes, you do...Sprout, Wed Mar 15 2:35pm
              Even if you test and conclusively a specific chemical in the soil in your yard, you can't just pick a source and claim that you KNOW where it came from. It could have come from an old industrial... more
              • Hi educate yourselfContrarian, Thu Mar 16 6:30am
                Could be this and could be that. Do you think those being to the fore of the issue of Geoengineering are dumber than you are? What do you know about it? Zero!
                • Yes, it could be this and it could be that...Sprout, Thu Mar 16 7:56am
                  And without PROVING that it is NOT that, and in fact IS this, once claim that it IS this and NOT that is completely unsupported. And the ONLY way to show that the source IS in fact those lines in the ... more
            • You wrote, "One need not ride on the rear of a jet to know what is being sprayed. It's showing up in the soil, water, and air samples." That makes no sense at all. Sure, there is pollution. But you... more
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